How to make your ecommerce website stand out in Google Search (6 Tips)

Another way your website can stand out in Google Search results is with its visual presentation. In this episode, we speak to 6 ways you can optimize the look of your ecommerce website in Google Search, paying extra attention to products. Specifically, we talk about reviewing title links, sharing product data, price drop data, and more tips that can get more clicks for your page. Watch to learn how to implement these helpful tricks!


Control your title links in search results →
Robots.txt meta tag specification →
Google Search gallery of structured data usage →
Product structured data, including pricing information →
Register your Google business profile →

0:00 – 1:10 Intro
1:10 – 3:15 Tip #1: Review your title links
3:15 – 4:33 Tip #2: Include high quality images
4:33 – 6:29 Tip #3: Share rich product data
6:29 – 7:29 Tip #4: Share price drop data
7:29 – 7:58 Tip #5: Identify products you sell
7:58 – 9:02 Tip #6: Create a Business Profile
9:02 – 9:28 Wrap up

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