Education in the Cloud – Campion’s Digital Journey with Alexander Candy-Levy

June .NET User Group: Education in the Cloud – Campion’s Digital Journey

See how four million students are moving from paper to digital, leveraging containerized microservices for scale, and integrating with a complex partner network as well as the national schools ecosystem.

00:00 | Introduction
02:52 | Agenda
03:37 | Campion Education’s Journey
14:51 | Ecosystem
15:59 | Authentication
23:32 | Infrastructure and Microservice
38:25 | Devops
47:15 | Future plans
53:35 | Summary and conclusion
54:56 | Q&A

Campion Education is the largest supplier of education resources to primary and secondary schools in Australia, including print, digital and stationery.

Years ago, Campion sourced an e-reader platform from the U.S. as students migrated away from paper-based textbooks. Working with SSW, Campion have undertaken the immense task of regaining ownership by building their own e-reader platform, and solving complex technical challenges along the way.

In this talk, the inter-organisational team comprised of Patrick Zhao and Michael Smedley from SSW, and Alexander Candy-Levy from Campion, will take us through the complexities of dealing with multiple school IT systems across many states, complex book licensing and API management with various publishers. All while providing a stable user experience for hundreds of thousands of students and teachers who depend on their textbooks every day.

This talk will focus on the architecture to accommodate the at-scale performance needed, the Single Sign-on (SSO), Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Learning Management System (LMS) required to allow other publishers and schools to authenticate, and some of the deployment and cloud setup required by the SaaS product.
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