SEO link building by begging! How to get links white hat! Good backlinks from authoritative sites

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SEO link begging how to get links white hat! How to get good backlinks from authoritative sites.

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In this SEO tutorial video I explain how you can get good links (sometimes called backlinks) to your website from other reputable and authoritative sites that are in your business niche, and are therefore relevant in subject matter to the kind of audience you have.

Link building has become very difficult. In fact, you are more likely to get penalized for some link building tactics rather than benefit from them. And if you do not get penalized, quite a few of the strategies to build links to that used to work before, simply no longer work. And that will cause you to waste your time on efforts that have no chance of working.

For those reasons, I recommend that you only go after very high quality links, and don’t hire anyone or any marketing agency to get links for you because that is often quite a waste. What you should do instead is focus on getting publicity.

The way you get publicity is by using HARO which is a site for reporters who tend to look for expert sources for their stories. And if you can provide the expert opinion for their stories, they will quote you in their articles and link to you from the websites from which they write. You can do exactly the same thing with radio and podcasts by signing up for and appearing as a guest on podcast or radio. Once the episode airs, most of these will have a website from which they will link to yours. That is all you need to do in order to get great links and boost your SEO long-term.

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