Raise money for business by selling body parts. Sell hair, sperm and blood

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In this video tutorial I talk about a strange but viable way to raise money. You can raise money for your business (not a lot of it, but some) by selling body parts. No, don’t sell your kidneys. But you can sell blood, hair, sperm and other parts of your body that get regenerated back. This isn’t going to get you hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it can supplement your company’s revenue on a regular basis (because all these body parts grow back) and help you financially until you get your business heading in the right direction.

I bet you didn’t think of selling body parts like hair, sperm or blood, right? I didn’t either. But I guess if you need the money badly enough, you will go and try these options instead of waiting for money to just fall into your lap, as we know it always does, right? Just joking. Money doesn’t fall into your lap. So if you are really serious about starting a business, and need a bit of cash to get started, the strategies mentioned here might seem strange but they can work.

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