Required Members in C# 11 with David Wengier – NDC Melbourne 2022

David Wengier reveals some of C# shortcomings when using person classes. He gives us an elegant solution to constructors to fix errors and address the issues of nullability. The new C# 11 has answers to all these challenges and David will be guiding us through the updates to “Required Members”

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David Wengier –

David is a developer at Microsoft, working to make your Razor and C# tooling experience better.

A developer for the last 20+ years, David has had experience in lots of different languages and environments, from cgi-bin scripts in Perl, to genetic algorithms in VB3, and Windows applications in COBOL. A series of terrible decisions, clearly, but he learnt in the end and now spends most of his time developing with .NET in C#, and enabling other developers to do the same.

David is mostly interested in C#, good design and Lego Technic and Creator Expert cars. He can be found tweeting at @davidwengier, streaming at, helping to organize the DDD Melbourne conference, and on about a dozen different slacks and discords.


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