Catering to your audience with Piers Sinclair

Catering to your audience with Piers Sinclair

Often when you are talking with others, it is easy to forget they have a different background and experience to you. Then, once you start explaining something to them, they easily become lost. So, it is crucial to think about your audience before talking.

Some examples of the differences in what different people on the team might care about include:
◾Product Owner – May not care about all the technical details, but cares a lot about PBI progress, roadblocks, etc.
◾Developer – Cares a lot about technical details but may not be as concerned with the business side of things
◾Designer – Cares a lot about the UI and user experience but may not be as interested in technical details

Piers will show you the things to consider when tailoring your message.


Piers Sinclair –
SSW Solution Architect

Piers is a Solution Architect with more than 7 years experiences in databases and software development. He is especially proficient in Scrum, .Net, Azure, SQL, DevOps and GitHub.

He has been involved in many industries including Retail, Logistics and Job Management. When it comes to developing software, Piers has a passion for efficient development processes, designing quality solutions and building robust software architecture. He is very interested in understanding the way systems work and coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

He speaks Chinese and has a keen interest in China. In particular, he is passionate about the successful management of Chinese IT teams and is one part of the bridge that connects SSW Australia and SSW China.


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