Monitoring Package Vulnerabilities

Efficient software developers don’t reinvent the wheel and know the right packages to use when monitoring vulnerabilities in both frontend and backend packages.
🔐 Using a bunch of third-party libraries as the supporting building blocks to build modern, high-quality applications became a common practice since they save time and money in full-stack projects.

But this comes with an unexpected side effect: out-of-date packages that must be updated and re-tested, and even worse, vulnerabilities can be introduced!

One of the big challenges for developers to address is when a project has been delivered to a client and gone into maintenance mode. With no developer actively working on the project, if a vulnerability is discovered in a library referenced in the project, no one will be aware of it, and it will cause pain.

However, if you monitor the packages you have installed, and a vulnerability is reported, then as developers, we have a duty of care to inform our clients.

Do you monitor your application for vulnerabilities?

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Chris Clement

Chris is a Senior Software Architect with years of experience in software and electronics engineering.

His experiences and background in engineering give Chris an advantage in providing insights for his clients’ business solution from both architectural and practical engineering approach viewpoints.

William Liebenberg

William is a Solution Architect with over 16 years of professional experience spanning multiple industries such as Heavy Engineering, Mining, 3D Graphics, Education and Finance.

With his many years of experience William has learnt how to adapt to new industries and this gives him a unique talent for synchronizing with his clients’ new business languages and processes to build their solutions.


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