Mobile app outsourcing: smart way to hire and outsource software and iPhone and Android development

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In this tutorial I explain how I use mobile app (iPhone and Android) development outsourcing to help me save time and stress, while still keeping my costs low.

While most people just want to hire or outsource developers and have their entire projects made for them, there are a number of problems with that approach. The first problem is that outsourcing mobile app developers like that can be costly. Another problem with doing that is that besides the high cost of development, the code is like a black box for the entrepreneur, and any time the entrepreneur wants to change anything, even the smallest thing, it becomes another expense.

My approach is to learn how to code while outsourcing only the complex or critical parts of the app. You can get the engineer that you hire to teach you instead of just doing things for you. What I do is ask the engineers that I hire to walk me through the code and explain to me the difficult parts of development that I don’t yet understand. After that, if I ever need to make any changes or updates, I can easily do that.

That way I grow my own skills that I can use in the future, keep my costs low, understand what the developers that I hire are doing with my apps, and move the project forward.

The company that I use for this is Lemeor. Try them out. They are very professional, have senior software engineers and designer, and will help your project.

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