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Get keyword suggestions for Google Play and Apple’s App Store. If you are doing your ASO keyword research, and if you are running out of ideas for which keywords you should try to get your app to rank for, watch this tutorial and try the MobileAction ASO keyword suggestion tool which will give you a number of suggestions for keywords that your app can rank that you may not have heard of.

In this tutorial Josh Shaeffer walks you through how you can you can use ASO intelligence tool within MobileAction to get keyword ideas. The example in this tutorial will show you a real life live example of keyword research for a real app which is live in the mobile app store.

You can also see trending keywords and competitor keywords. That is a really good feature that the Google keyword tool will never give you. These features really help MobileAction stand out from other keyword research keyword tools. You can also get keyword analysis to get more data on possible keywords that you can rank for.

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