LinkedIn marketing: 15 tips & strategies to improve your LinkedIn profile

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In this tutorial I talk about strategies and tips to help you make your LinkedIn profile look professional, and increase your visibility on LinkedIn. Some of these strategies are simple like making sure that you have a professional profile photo. But some of these strategies are more intermediate. In the intermediate strategies I talk about how to get endorsements and recommendations that make your profile really stand out.

It is important to get endorsements and recommendations because unlike you saying something about how great you are, when someone recommends you, it gives you more credibility because another person has less incentive to embellish facts about you. It doesn’t make a big difference to you, but it does make a big difference in how people perceive you when they come across your LinkedIn profile. Many people will be coming across your profile for just their first time, and in creating their first impression of you, many recommendation and endorsements will be much more impressive than few of them or none at all.

After getting enough recommendations and endorsements, you should consider making your summary and contact details sections look better. Those are the first two sections of your LinkedIn profile people see when they come across your profile. The details section is above the fold, and the summary section is seen after people scroll down a little bit in case they are interested in learning more about you.

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