How to write a book if you are a bad writer & how to write many books by using virtual assistants

How to write a book!

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In this tutorial I explain how anyone can write a book. You can write a good book even if you are a bad writer. You can also write hundreds of books in a relatively short period of time.

If you are a bad writer, but you think that you have a good idea for a book, what you can do is write your book any way that you can, and hire a good editor to help you make the book read well.

If you want to outsource even the bad writing of the book, you can hire someone overseas who is a virtual assistant who will write the book cheaply. Then you take that book and hire a professional editor who will make the book a good one. That way you can write the whole book without ever having written a single word.

You can take this technique to a whole new level. You can hire many virtual assistants to write many books, then give those books to good editors, and when the editors are done, you can publish those books on Amazon and the Kindle and make money that way.

Every professional should write a book in order to brand themselves. Being an author (or a best selling author if you can make that happen) can be a great addition to a resume. Most people never write a book, and most of your business peers won’t have that on your resume, but you will, and it will be a great way to stand out.

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