How to create a good Facebook group or fan page that increase traffic to your website

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In this tutorial I explain how to create a good Facebook business page or a Facebook fan page in terms of how it appears to users, and its conversion and effectiveness at driving people to your website.

The most important thing is the big banner image. The big banner image on your fan page or business page should represent your brand. It is very big, and it is the first thing people see. So try to make it very good and visually appealing. If it can tell the story of your business, that is even better.

Another thing you can do to make your Facebook business page or fan page better is to add a nice logo, and include a link to your business in the about blurb that Facebook allows you to add. Most importantly, try to write engaging posts so that more people will naturally see your posts.

Here is my new Facebook group which has a nice new big banner:

I recently made a new Facebook group with a big banner that represents my brand and I used a nice big banner which I had made for me on Fiverr for just $5. So creating such a banner is virtually free, and once you have a good banner, you can use it for your YouTube channel, Facebook and other social websites.

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