Google Product Reviews Update, Discover Guidelines, Regex On Search Console & Google/SEO Adversarial

The big news this week is that a new confirmed Google search ranking algorithm hit the shelves today, Google named it the Google Product Reviews Update, I tell you all about it in this video. Google updates the Google Discover guidelines to say it won’t show content that is not desired or might confuse readers. Google Search Console had a couple big updates this week, specifically adding regular expression support and also more details in the data filters for the compare mode. It also tweaked the algorithm it uses to track impressions for image search, so your impressions might show a drop there. Paul Haahr from Google shared a really interesting set of ideas around the adversarial/evolutionary story of SEOs vs Google. I posted my monthly Google webmaster report this week. Yahoo Answers is going away, which is sad, but don’t expect it to help you rank better. Google’s John Mueller explained more on how Google treats 301s versus 302s and why. Google My Business no longer allows you to include your phone number in your Google Posts. Google posted a lot of local search trends for 2020 and COVID-19. Google My Business has a bug where it is dropping some businesses in the middle of America. Google Merchant Center updated its product data specifications. Google began testing FLoC in Chrome. Microsoft Advertising announced a bunch of updates including Google Ads import support in its API. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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00:00 – Introduction
1:11 – Google Product Reviews Update: A New Search Algorithm Update Hits The Shelves :
3:56 – Google Discover New Guidelines Won’t Show These Types Of Content :
4:38 – SEOs Rejoice: Google Search Console Gains Regular Expressions & More Data Filters :
5:21 – Google Search Console Performance Report Image Metrics Algorithm Updated :
5:46 – Google and SEO: The Adversarial and Evolutionary Tale :
7:57 – April 2021 Google Webmaster Report :
8:06 – Google Search Cameos For Product Searches :
8:28 – Is Yahoo Answers Shutting Down An Opportunity For SEOs? :
8:51 – Why Google Often Treats 302 Redirects As 301 Redirects :
9:45 – Google My Business: Phone Numbers Not Allowed In Google Posts :
10:05 – Google Local Search Trends With COVID-19 :
10:39 – Google My Business Bug Dropping Some Businesses In The Middle Of The US :
11:06 – Google Merchant Center Product Data Specification Updates :
11:34 – Google Begins Testing FLoC In Chrome :
11:44 – Microsoft Advertising: Google Ad Import API, Countdown Customizers Seasonal Segments & More :
12:13 – Conclusion

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