Google Mobile Search Redesign, Ranking Update, Web Stories Teasers, Google On Links & More

O January 27th, there was an unconfirmed Google search ranking update. Google launched a new redesign for its mobile search results pages, it was not such a huge difference at all. Google is testing new fonts on desktop search. Google’s video carousels in search play thumbnail clips. Google said it will no longer show teaser content in Web Stories. Google support for will go away on Sunday. Google said you cannot pay for do-follow links in the terms of content review or time. Google said however that digital public relations is not spammy link building. Google said it ranks pages but the overall site influences the rank of those pages. Google had a bug that showed a different set of search results for a query versus an entity. Google said that annoying interstitials can hurt your rankings, kind of. Google added price drop markup support for rich results. Google Search Console sent emails by mistake to a lot of people. Google Search Console had a bug with the canonical and AMP reporting. Google Search said it found 25 billion spammy pages per day in 2020. Google My Business may be rolling out new platform and device breakdown reports. Google has a new way of flagging reviews in Google My Business. Google is testing red and white hotel map pins. Google said their cookie alternative does a pretty good job… With the deepest sorrow I report the industry lost a special and talented soul, Hamlet Batista.

00:00 – Introduction
1:13 – Smaller Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On January 27th :
1:20 – Google New Mobile Search Design Side By Side Comparison :
2:02 – Google Search Tests Sans Serif Font :
2:10 – Google Search Video Carousel Autoplaying Videos Previews :
2:26 – Google Will Stop Showing Teaser Web Stories In Search & Discover :
3:07 – Google To Stop Supporting In Search This Weekend :
3:35 – Google: Paying For Content Review Or Time With Links Is Paid Links :
4:14 – Google: Digital Public Relations Is Not Spammy Link Building :
4:54 – Google Ranks Pages But Overall Site Greatly Influences The Ranking Pages :
6:00 – Entity vs. Query Rank In Google Search :
6:43 – Annoying Call To Action Overlays Can Hurt Your Google Rankings :
6:59 – Google Adds Price Drop Enhancement Documentation :
7:27 – Google Mistakenly Sending Emails To Verify Sites In Search Console :
7:43 – Possible Issues With Google Search Console Canonicals & AMP Reporting :
8:21 – Google Search Found 25 Billion Spammy Pages Each Day :
8:37 – New Google My Business Insights Platform & Device Breakdown :
9:00 – Flagging Reviews In Google My Business Has Changes :
9:21 – Google Tests Red & White Hotel Pricing Pins :
9:32 – Google Reveals Cookie Alternative – FLoC :
10:20 – Google Ads Tests “Site” Label In Search Ads :
10:30 – Microsoft Advertising Filter Link Extensions: More Links In Ads On Bing :
10:42 – Google Australia Adds Notice To Search Results About News Links Law :
11:30 – The Industry Mourns The Loss Of Hamlet Batista: A Special & Talented SEO Soul :
12:25 – Conclusion

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