English Google SEO office-hours from October 2022

This is an audio-only recording of the experimental Google SEO office-hours from October 2022. These sessions cover topics submitted around anything search & website-owner related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc. The answers are compiled by the Google Search Relations team.

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00:25 What is your advice for websites following best practices in international SEO, but where Google still shows the wrong folder?
02:08 For single page apps, or SPAs, with server rendered HTML, is there a way to tell Googlebot it doesn’t need to run this SPA’s JavaScript bundles?
02:58 What would be the best HTML markup for a sentence or a word in a foreign language?
03:59 Is it duplicate content If I post the same article on my eCommerce site and on my blog?
05:49 Is it good to add FAQs in a blog post? Do you think Google won’t consider it for ranking purposes?
06:27 Google is displaying the wrong pages to its search visitors. In the US Google recently selected domain.com instead of domain.com/en-us/. How can I fix this?
08:24 We have an Angular app that is deployed, but is faulty in the web cache. Is that problematic?
08:47 Using a foreign language in search while being in a different country, why do the search results positions differ?
10:17 In a UGC content site, we run a weekly noindex tag addition program over pages with no traffic. Does it affect SEO due to continuous increase of noindex pages over time?
11:18 Does Hyphenation matter for keywords when optimizing titles and headings? I’ve seen differences in search volume on the Google Ads keyword planner.
12:46 I have a finance blog and I covered some topics related to new startups and human resources. Does this affect anything with the helpful content update?
13:33 Is it a problem if an editorial page contains too many links to external pages? Is there an upper limit here?
14:24 Does the cached version of a page play a role for Search and Top Stories?
14:49 Search Console still shows tons of same-site, non-secure pages as referrals to old HTTPS pages. How do I flush them out?
15:48 Is 150 words enough for a news article?
16:24 If all editorial pages of a website start with the same introductory text, can this have a negative effect on the SEO visibility of the individual article pages?
17:50 A site uses machine translations. The content is reviewed by human translators and they’re often happy with the quality after minor tweaks. Is this okay for Google?
18:25 I have hundreds of URLs that are indexed, but blocked by robots. Does Google know that these are duplicates? Is there anything I have to do?
19:56 Does it make sense to add organization and review schema to every page?
21:16 What are the implications of merging and redirecting websites? The two websites are in topically close niche, but not really having the same intent.
24:02 We want to use more modern image formats like WebP, but believe that users won’t all be able to see our images. Is there a way to use WebP?


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