Where to license online courses (PLR) or buy online courses or other content

Email me to get started with your online course business at: alex.genadinik@gmail.com

Here are all my courses: https://www.udemy.com/user/alexgenadinik

Here is how the course licensing works:

If you are looking to license or buy Udemy courses or other online courses, I have 80 online courses that you can choose from. My courses cover mostly business and marketing, and a little bit of health and fitness. If I don’t already have a course that you might want, I can also create a course for you from scratch.

Licensing courses or content is easy. All you have to do is email me, and tell me what kind of content you are looking for, and I will suggest the courses for you that may be best for you to license or purchase.

I am happy to license online courses to you that I sell on Udemy. I can coach you also on how to sell the courses. I can also license my 20 books as well. This will help you have products to sell from your website and build authority for your business by providing online courses to sell.

If you want to license or buy my book content, here are my 20 books to choose from:

There is no copyright or trademark issues. All Udemy courses and content can be 100% sold elsewhere.

To get started, email me at alex.genadinik@gmail.com

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