What type of Facebook page should you start? Facebooks groups vs business pages vs. fan pages

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In this tutorial I talk about Facebook groups, and compare them to Facebook business pages and briefly the fan pages. But since most people aren’t famous and don’t have fans, the debate is mostly on group pages vs. business pages.

The Facebook algorithm doesn’t show your updates to all the people who have joined your group or business page. But evidence and testing shows that groups get slightly more engagement than business pages. So for that reason, the decision of whether to create a Facebook group or a business page is a simple one. You must create a group. Business pages are essentially being killed off by Facebook because they often reach as little as 1% of the total people who liked your business page, which is atrocious. It is especially terrible since many people pay to get likes on their Facebook pages, and then are forced to pay again to reach those people again.

Neither of the options (groups or business pages) are particularly great because Facebook still restricts much of the content that gets shown to people. So you still won’t reach 100% of the people whom you hope to reach, but Facebook groups will get you more exposure over time than business pages will.

Additionally, people more readily join Facebook groups because they think that there might be more interaction on those groups. So the conversion rate of people who join groups is better than those who join business pages.

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