What is SEO link juice? Does link juice help your website rank in Google & should you preserve it?

What is SEO link juice? Does link juice help your website rank in Google & should you preserve it?

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In this tutorial I discuss the topic of SEO link juice. This is a concept that has been around for about 10 years, and it is a rough measure of how much SEO strength is contained in any given page, and how much of that is passed from any links to and from that page. This is an ok general barometer, but many people tend to take it too far, and often worry about linking out to other websites because they are worried that if they link to another website, they will lose the link juice from their website, and leak that SEO strength to the other site which they do not own. While this concern is somewhat legitimate, I would suggest not worrying about it too much. What you can do to preserve link juice is to interlink the pages of your own website so that most of it gets passed to the pages you already own. That way, only a small percentage of the link juice will leak out. And that is probably healthy because it is probably a good thing if a site links to other reputable websites.

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