What is Agile Development methodology & how to use Agile Development in a startup software project

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In this video tutorial I explain what is the Agile Development methodology, and how to use it in the software projects of your start-up.

This software project management strategy isn’t new. It has been around for a few years. And while it is very common knowledge and practice in software engineering teams and communities, many people outside the software engineering world are still not quite familiar with this methodology. This is unfortunate because many young entrepreneurs who need to build a software product must absolutely get familiar with the Agile Development software methodology in order to manage their own software projects correctly, and to give those software projects the biggest chance of success as possible.

In the video I explain when you should use the extreme programming strategy, and when you should use the agile development methodology. They are essentially mutually exclusive. Your software team will will probably start by following the extreme programming techniques when your project first starts, but as your business and the software team mature and grow, you will likely switch to agile methodology. Once you do that, your business strategy team will have to plan approximately two weeks out (sometimes three or four weeks) and that will be your software development cycle which is sometimes called sprint. You will move forward and improve your product with these so called sprints.

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