Weird Google Search Updates, Facebook Outage, Google Link Scheme Penalties, Sustainability at Google

This week, I started off with the big monthly Google webmaster report – it is a good way to catch up or remind yourself of what changed. Google Search had this really weird Google Search update this past weekend, maybe. And then October 6th and 7th we saw yet another Google ranking update. Facebook had a 6 hour outage and I discussed how Google Search dealt with it. Google’s John Mueller dropped this cryptic tweet maybe hinting at a new set of penalties around links schemes. Google Search Console released more detailed and actionable errors for the rich results status report. Google announced a slew of new search features around sustainability. Google is testing a 5 local pack and also is testing a new offer label in the local pack. Google Chrome is testing side by side search and a feature named Journeys. AMP links stopped working in Google Search on iOS 15, for now. Google is testing full width featured snippets. Google is testing query refinements in the autocomplete search suggestions. Google is testing a vertical site link design. Google Ads keyword planner tool now has trending data. Google will ban advertisers, publishers and YouTube creators from its ad network if they promote climate change denial information. Google Search officially dropped support for Internet Explorer 11. Google said that the number one search on Microsoft Bing, by far, is Google. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.


0:00 – Introduction
1:12 – October 2021 Google Webmaster Report :
1:29 – Huge Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 2nd & 3rd :
2:15 – Possible Google Search Ranking Update On October 6th & 7th :
2:52 – How Google Search Handled The Facebook Outage :
4:17 – Google Hints It Will Penalize Interlinked Link Schemes? :
5:55 – Google Search Console Rich Results Status Reports Gets More Actionable Errors :
6:42 – Sustainability With Google Initiative: Eco-Friendly Map Routes, Flights With Carbon Emissions & More :
7:34 – Google Tests Five Results In The Local Pack – A 5 Pack :
7:57 – Google Local Pack Offer Label Attribute :
8:10 – Chrome Tests Side By Side Search & Journeys; Browser History With Search :
8:45 – Google AMP Links In Search Not Working In iOS 15 – Fix On Way :
9:15 – Google Search Featured Snippets Full Width Design :
9:26 – Google Tests Search Refinements In Autocomplete :
9:40 – Google Tests Vertical Line Sitelinks :
9:49 – Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool With Trending Data :
10:23 – Google To Ban Climate Change Deniers Advertisers & Publishers :
10:52 – Google Search Drops Support For Internet Explorer 11 And So Can You :
11:07 – Google Is The Number One Search On Bing :
11:29 – Conclusion

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