Two Google Ranking Updates, Google Ads Notifications, Semrush IPO & Ginny Marvin Goes To Google

It was a busy week in our search industry on so many levels but I kick off this recap with the monthly Google webmaster report. Then I go into not just one but two different unconfirmed Google algorithm updates that were spotted this week. SEOs, despite Google saying the Google Page Experience Update won’t be huge, said they will prioritize core web vitals efforts. The DMCA process with Google may just be broken, I share a story. If your Google rich results disappeared, it might not be a technical issue, it might be a quality issue. Google recommends for large sites to go with the pyramid structure. Google said your internal linking gives Google a sense of the different levels of importance amongst your pages. Google said when it comes to pagination, noindex the pages that aren’t needed for search engines. Google Chrome will support scroll to image and scroll to video fragments. Google is testing the see results that mention filter again. Google Ads mobile app now lets you configure custom notifications and performance insights. Google Ads is launching a new policy for evasive ads. Google My Business has a new help document explaining the new device/platform report. Semrush looks like it is going public, the numbers are interesting. And last but not least, my former colleague, Ginny Marvin is joining Google as the Google Ads Liaison. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:01 – March 2021 Google Webmaster Report :
1:27 – Google March 2021 Search Ranking Algorithm Update :
1:51 – Google Search February 26 & 27th Search Algorithm Volatility :
2:29 – Many SEOs Will Prioritize Core Web Vitals Google Page Experience Efforts :
3:36 – Are Google Search Console DMCA Takedown Notifications Broken? :
5:21 – Rich Results Disappear? Google Says It Might Be A Site Wide Quality Issue. :
5:53 – Google Recommends Pyramid Navigation Structure For Large Sites :
6:42 – Google: Internal Linking Gives Google A Sense Of Page Level Importance :
7:29 – Google On Pagination: Would It Be Okay If The Page Was Only Accessible Via Your Site :
8:33 – Google Chrome To Support Scroll To Text Links With Images & Videos :
9:05 – Google See Results That Mention Filter On Left Side Panel :
9:24 – Google Ads Mobile App Gains Custom Notifications & Performance Insights :
9:56 – New Google Ads Evasive Ad Content Policy :
10:35 – Google My Business New Available Performance Metrics Help Doc :
10:49 – Semrush (SEMR) To Go Public With $144M Revenue & 67K Customers :
12:07 – Ginny Marvin Joins Google As New Ads Product Liaison :
12:58 – Conclusion

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