Technology for Democratic Reform: A Case Study of the MyNeta App

It is often taken for granted that the Indian elections elevate those with criminal records into legislators. How does this come about? Do voters get presented with adequate, complete and accurate information in order to evaluate the choices? What leadership qualities are observed when candidates hit the campaign trail? To have good laws one needs good legislators and for that to happen there is a need to examine the candidates put up by political parties. To view their criminal, financial and educational information as is available from the affidavits; to know about the income and expenditure of the various political parties and as much as possible, have some insight into the donations. The open data repository is a pioneering work which is designed to empower voters and also present information in a manner that is easily understood. How did this platform come about? What sustains it? How can citizens help make this an important and integral part of political conversations?

Jaskirat Singh and Divya Arora will discuss this and more about the data repository, the technology and roadmap of this singular effort in the domain of democratic reforms.

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