Tech News #7 – SpaceCows, GitHub code scan, BitCoin legal tender, overweight politicians = corrupt?

Azure Space partnerships, VS Code language detection and GitHub code scanning!
Join Adam Cogan as he looks at some interesting news from September 2021.

00:00 – VS code now automatically detects the language of code you copy/paste :

02:36 – GitHub now has code scanning on the fly:

03:58 – Pair SonarLint with SonarQube and catch more issues:

04:22 – Azure Space takes off in Australia

04:57 – SpaceCows – Microsoft and CSIRO join together to manage herds from space

06:12 – Introducing SpaceCows:–t80g

08:08 – Microsoft partners with Australian Institute for Machine Learning to deliver cutting-edge space innovations like satellite control and space operation simulation:

10:01 – Adding another twist to hardware, flexible processors can now use bendable RAM:

11:43 – El Salvador becomes the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender:

12:10 – What El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experiment Looks Like | WSJ:

14:34 – Here’s everything Apple just announced at its iPhone 13 event:

15:24 – Apple vs Epic, Apple won but also lost:

16:19 – Mac & iOS vulnerability:

17:00 – Jeff Bezos sues Nasa:

17:33 – Ig Nobel awards in Economics – Obesity of a country’s politicians may be a good indicator of corruption:

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