SharePoint Sites for Admins – Tips for Managing SharePoint with Warwick Leahy

In the days of classic SharePoint, subsites were a popular way of organising your intranet. Modern SharePoint architecture leans toward a flatter hierarchy, where sub-sites are generally not recommended.

Also, it’s important for all your SharePoint sites to be as consistent as possible for better UX. This helps users’ navigation through new pages as they know exactly where to look.

SSW’s Warwick Leahy shows how to get it done right.

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Warwick Leahy –

Warwick is a highly skilled SysAdmin with over 20 years’ experience in designing solutions to achieve software compatibility, streamline system upgrades/installations, among with administering and maintaining complex server systems. He is also a talented end-user instructor, with training experience on Microsoft operating systems, servers, and specialized education software.


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