SEO Secret – Funny SEO Song About Common SEO Mistakes And Myths – Good SEO Tutorial For Beginners

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This song is actually an amazing SEO tutorial for beginners because it explains all the mistakes new SEO marketers make and what happens when you hire SEO freelancers, and many other issues in the SEO industries. And it’s all presented in a very fun and engaging way.

Song lyrics:

When your new site doesn’t rank in search
And you’ve torn all your hair out
You check your SERPS every day
Not ranking – oh why am I not ranking?

It seems that there’s just too much to know
What are these crazy 200 Google signals?
You’ll outsource but get ripped off
So you’ll try it on your own

Keywords and On-page optimizations,
Then link-building starting with citations
Here come weirdo complications
.Org, .edu, and site speed improvisations
Snippets, Image And Voice SEO in my head imaginations
Check mobile ranking and SEO in local map locations
And oh-my-god different language localization
Penguin Panda penalty zoo nightmare manifestations

Oh-SEO is a weird field.
Fake gurus teaching AskJeevs and Yahoo ranking
Freelancers posting spam links in comments –
hasn’t worked since 1999

Write quality content and still never rank
Do social media like a good boy, but still no ranking
Even make memes that no one shared
To rank in SEO, You must devote your entire life it.

There is an SEO secret:
It is encoded in Rand Fishkin’s mustache
The direction it points shows SEO secrets
And The only other who knows is RustyBrick.
He is where Google goes to know what’s new in Google.

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