SEO search engine optimization training tutorial beginner and advanced

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In this SEO training video, I discuss everything from the history of search engine optimization to why links are important, and ultimately how to rank your website in Google, and get search traffic for your website.

Just about everyone with a small business who has a website needs to learn the SEO tactics and strategies to get a flood of traffic from Google to the website and individual pages of that website. Of course, SEO (search engine optimization) marketing is very competitive, and you must choose your strategies and tactics in a very savvy way. You must also execute those strategies with a high degree of quality.

In this SEO training video I explain how to make web pages that are seen as good in Google’s eyes, and I explain how to rank those websites. The strategies to get a website to rank in the top-10 of Google search results is complex, but you can do it. The first concept you have to become familiar with is link building (sometimes spelled linkbuilding) which is a process of getting high quality and relevant links to your website. In this training tutorial I explain a few strategies for how to get backlinks to your website. I also discuss a brute force way to get links to your website. Once you have built enough backlinks, you should focus on social media because social sharing will help the SEO of your page or website, and get it to rank in Google faster.

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