Scaling with Common Sense

About the session:
Welcome to the second episode of “Scaling from the First Principles” series. On this episode, we have Kailash Nadh, CTO of Zerodha – India’s largest stock brokerage.

Founding the tech team of Zerodha in 2013, Kailash helped the oraganization to grow to become the largest stock brokerage in India. Building software to manage that scale, withstand the growth, that too in ever changing regulatory space, with a small 30 people tech team is quite remarkable. While he shared his some of his ideas about scaling in a blog post on Zerodha Tech, there is a lot more to learn from his experience, not only about scaling software, but also about building teams, managing technical debt and many more.

About the panelists:

Kailash Nadh is the CTO of Zerodha – India’s largest stock brokerage.

This series is coordinated by Anand Chitipothu.

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