Phrase Potential Calculator

Phrase Potential Calculator for Google Webmaster Tools

What does it do?
It tells you how much traffic you would get for each phrase if you increase your average ranking position by 1 spot, and if you’re in top 3.

How to use:
1. Download your search queries from Google Webmaster Tools.
2. Visit: and upload the file

Note: Since we developed the tool several things have changed in Google Webmaster Tools so here’s a few tips to make sure your calculation works.

– Do not change default date range (leave it at default 30 days)
– Export only the basic report (not with change).

Tip: Use filters to find correct rankings for your country and users from the right device or search type. For example, Australia, Web.

The report could take up to 5 minutes to complete, please be patient while the report is being generated. If you have troubles, ping me in the messages.

Disclaimer: This is an alpha version of the tool and we plan to implement much more. All feedback is welcome, but keep in mind we expect things to break still. If it goes popular we will have it much faster on a dedicated server.

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