Phillip Thune On Writing Content, Finding The Right Author & Google Panda Penguin Shifts In Content

In part one, Phillip Thune, the CEO of Textbroker, and I spoke about FindWhat Days In 2000 To Running Textbroker in 2020. Here is part two:

0:10 – How To Prepare To Write
4:10 – How Do You Find The Right Author For The Right Topic
9:40 – Content Quality Assurance
13:40 – How To Write Better & Content Writing Tips
16:00 – When You Should Outsource Your Content Development

How To Prepare To Write:

In part two of my interview with Phillip Thune, we talk about tips on how to prepare to write content. It starts with an author briefing, including who your audience is, what does that audience want, do the keyword research, do the competitive analysis, and then how to convey that information to the author who will write this. Giving examples of what style you like, what phrases you like, to the author will help the author write the best article for you. In short, the more instruction you give to the author, the better off it will come out.

How Do You Find The Right Author For The Right Topic:

The way Textbroker is able to find the best author for the topic requested is a topic he gets a lot. So when you submit a request, you pick a topic. Each author defines which topics they like to write about and they can pick the content assignments by category – they can self select it. Clients can also search for specific authors if they want.

While many of his clients do not communicate the results of the content campaign back to Textbroker, Textbroker can measure their success other ways. Most importantly, his clients measure if the authors are producing quality and the results they want.

Google Panda & Penguin:

When Panda came, the overall volume of content requests spiked and continued big time. Then Penguin came out a couple of years later, and they saw a bit of a deep in content requests because those content requests were done for third-party content links. He saw a shift immediately to high quality authors where content quality shifted higher. So there was a shift from high quality but lower volume content after Panda and Penguin.

Content Quality Assurance & How To Write Better: Part of this is that Textbroker does educate and help produce better quality from their authors. So getting a 3 star writer to be a 4 star writer can and does happen. But it is rare to see a 2 star writer turn into a 5 star writer. But at the same time, clients rate these authors manually and often these reviews are very subjective – so the ratings are a bit hard early on.

He said any author who writes something always goes into draft mode first. You always need someone to edit it. If it is not reviewed by an editor, it probably won’t be good. You really need to have an editorial review process in place.

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