October .NET User Group: How to keep your email tidy with AI with Jernej Kavka

October .NET User Group: How to keep your email tidy with AI with Jernej Kavka

Watch the presentation now: https://youtu.be/hmaKg6eUliM

Many of us deal with a mountain of never-ending emails, and a zero email inbox is an impossible dream. Did you know AI can help?

Employees can spend hours on emails every week, or even every day.

Let’s see how to use AI to cut through email:
– Find out quickly what are the important messages
– Learn how to automate your emails in a time-efficient way

See JK prototype a few AI models with simple tools like ML.NET, Cognitive Services and Open AI.

Join us on the 19th of October at 6:00 pm (AEST) ➡️ https://www.ssw.com.au/live

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Jernej Kavka – https://tv.ssw.com/jernej-kavka

With 8 years of experience in software engineering across multiple industries like Museums, Government, Banks, gaming, and entertainment, Jernej has worked on full stack development of native applications from mobile to desktop applications. Jernej Kavka (JK) is proficient in Windows platform development from legacy to modern applications.


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