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MobileAction is a new and very good tool that can really help you with your app store SEO which is called ASO in the mobile app world. MobileAction provides app store intelligence on other mobile apps so you can see how some of the major apps and some of your competitors are doing.

You will also get access to mobile app store keyword research tool to help you have a better idea of what keywords you can try to rank for and what keywords you should avoid because they are maybe too competitive.

MobileAction also gives mobile app entrepreneurs and developers a list of 70+ tips for mobile app store optimization for their unique apps. This can be your secret weapon to jump over many of the other apps in the app store because as you can see from MobileAction’s app store intelligence feature, many of the other apps don’t actually do many of the 70+ mobile app store optimization tips.

In this tutorial, I invited Josh Shaeffer to walk us through how to use this tool to properly do mobile app store keyword research, choose the right keywords for the apps, how to use competitive app keyword research, and how to use app store intelligence, all to improve the ASO of your apps, and get them to rank higher in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Even the free version of this tool offers many features, but you can now get a month of premium features for free when you sign up using my special discount code: alexudemy – this is not an affiliate code so you don’t have to worry about anything like that.

Go ahead, sign up for mobileAction today, check out their premium features and start ranking higher in app store search.

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