Miriam Schwab On The Startup World – Vlog #143

In part two with Miriam Schwab is the co-founder and CEO of Strattic, a static hosting and publishing platform for WordPress, I asked her about what is less stressful. Is agency work less stressful or is the startup world less stressful. She said it depends; but she always found agency life stressful because clients would come and go and there was less recurring revenue opportunities. With the startup world, the early days was super stressful with raising money and building the company but now it is less stressful because there is more stability now.

We spoke a bit about the new skills she learned in this startup world, from scaling the company, to managing larger teams and investments and she loves it. The ultimate goal she has with Strattic is for the company to be known as the no-brainer for sites using WordPress.

Miriam opened up about her next challenges around reaching a larger market through different mechanisms. One of those mechanisms is a content marketing strategy, of course.

We ended our conversation about some SEO tips she might have around what data she has. Strattic has some metrics but does not have access to Google Analytics, but overall, they often see an uptick in traffic after a site moves to Strattic. They have a number of over here or on Twitter @miriamschwab.

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