Microservice Solutions with Ocelot on Azure with Patrick Zhao

Microservices have been a hot topic in .NET’s world since .NET Core. Everyone has heard of microservices, but not many have had the chance to build them. In this talk, Patrick will show how he has architected an enterprise solution with cloud-native services on Azure and using Ocelot to build the API gateway. You will also learn the pros and cons of alternatives such as Azure API management.

Learn from Patrick how valuable Ocelot is and see the ins and outs of building an API gateway and protect the services using Azure VNet.

00:00 | Introduction
00:50 | Building Enterprise Microservices using Ocelot and Azure
01:28 | SSW Rewards
01:56 | Patrick Zhao
03:59 | Agenda
05:02 | What is Monolith?
10:41 | Monolith to Microservice
13:37 | Microservice
29:19 | API Gateway
31:25 | Ocelot
41:35 | Vnet
42:26 | Cross service communication
45:33 | Microservices on Azure
46:31 | Simple Microservices Architecture on Azure
47:56 | Demo: Microservice Solution
56:37 | Swagger
1:19:05 | End of Demo
1:19:29 | Summary
1:20:35 | References
1:21:23 | Got feedback for Patrick?
1:21:46 | Q&A time with Adam Cogan

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Patrick Zhao → https://www.ssw.com.au/people/patrick-zhao

Patrick is a SSW Solution Architect who has an extensive experience in building enterprise applications for clients across different industies using best practise and modern tech stack.

He is also a keen scrum practitioner and outstanding team player. He takes the initiative with well conducted research to propose solutions for any business requirements. He is good at addressing business stakeholders and converting the high level business strategic vision and plan into actionable architecture design and backlog items.

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