Meet Intrado Digital Media | The Creative Side of IR Websites (Part 2)

We’re back with a new episode of Meet Intrado Digital Media!

In our last episode, I spoke with Blake Romine, Web Design and Development Manager at Intrado Digital Media. We discussed IR websites, and how companies can leverage these seemingly dry pieces of content to tell their brand story.

Investors and analysts rely on IR websites for the latest financials and corporate announcements, but it’s become increasingly important to spotlight other facets of your company—from your social responsibility efforts to executive thought leadership. And to do this in an engaging way!

At Intrado, we host over 3,000 IR websites for the Fortune 5,000 and we’re the number one distributor of IR press releases globally—plus the number one IR webcasting provider. Our team knows a thing or two about the space!

We’re picking up where we left off in our last episode and giving you invaluable insight into ways you can spice up your IR websites.

Through this special video series, I’m giving you an exclusive look inside of our business, getting to know our subject-matter experts and their unique perspectives—on topics across marketing, public relations, internal communications and investor relations.

Thank you for watching!

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