Massive Google Ranking Fluctuations, New Google Multisearch, Ad & Analytics Latency & Local Search

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report – got to say, it was a super busy month – so catch up there. Google’s product reviews update, the tail-end, may have heated up in a big way, I covered that in a lot of detail. Google launched a new feature called Multisearch, where you can search using images and text at the same time. Google said thin content issues are not specific to individual pages but generally the whole site. Google said it does not matter if your content is outsourced or in-house made, what matters is quality. Google Search Console links report takes seven to ten days to show links for new sites. Google Search Console’s removal tool takes hours to listen to your cancellation request. Another Search Off the Record podcast was released this week, this was on structured data. Google Ads launched a new policy that prohibits content that shares personally identifiable information that promotes financial fraud, identity theft, harmful direct contact, or harassment. Google Ads has been having latency issues all week long, Google might have started to fix is just yesterday. Google Analytics real time analytics also is having weird latency issues. Google added to the local help documents that adding in-store products helps with local visibility. Google said it can now use AI to update your business hours, and will do so for 20 million listings. Google added a new recycling attribute for some businesses in Google Business Profiles. Google’s newish review management tool now works for those who manage multiple locations. Google Maps app added new features like toll prices, traffic lights, stop signs, deeper iOS integration and more. Google My Business app is going away, which was expected. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – April 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
1:20 – Immense Google Search Ranking Volatility; The Tail End Of The Product Reviews Update? :
2:12 – Search By Image & Text With Google Multisearch :
3:25 – Google: Thin Content Issues Are Site Specific, Not Always Page Specific :
4:01 – Google Does Not Care If You Outsource Content As Long As It Is Quality :
4:41 – Google Search Console Links Report Shows Links For New Sites In 7-10 Days :
5:50 – Google Search Removal Cancelations Take Hours To Process & That’s Fast :
6:19 – Podcast: Past, Present and Future Of Structured Data With Google Search :
7:29 – New Google Ads Policy: PII & Financial Fraud, Identity Theft, Harmful Direct Contact Or Harassment :
7:45 – Google Ads Latency Issues Started On April 1st :
8:07 – Real Time Google Analytics Latency Issues Complaints :
8:37 – Google Help Doc Adds In-Store Products Helps With Local Visibility :
9:45 – Google AI Can Update Local Listing Hours Including Live Traffic, Street View Imagery & More :
11:06 – New Recycling Attribute For Google Business Profiles :
11:19 – Google Business Profile Review Tool Now Works For Larger Accounts :
11:40 – Google Maps With Deeper iOS Integration, Toll Prices & Traffic Lights/Stop Signs :
11:58 – Google My Business App Going Away :
12:22 – Conclusion

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