LinkedIn profile photo: How to upload a profile picture on LinkedIn

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In this video tutorial I explain why it is important to have a great and professional photo on your LinkedIn profile, and how to upload a great photo. I walk you step by step on the process of uploading a profile picture to your LinkedIn profile.

Studies show that profiles that have photos get up to ten times more views than profiles that do not have profile pictures at all. So if you want to find a job, get clients, or get noticed and stand out for any other reason, it is a no brainer that you should upload a nice photo of yourself that is professional, and makes you come across as approachable and professional.

LinkedIn is your online resume if you are job hunting, and your reputation management tool if you are trying to build a good persona or online brand. So in your photo you must look nice, pleasant, clean cut, approachable, sane and friendly.

This is relatively simple to do, but surprisingly many people never bother to post a nice picture of themselves, and if they do, many people post random photos which aren’t very professional, and don’t represent them in the best light. It doesn’t mean posting party pictures of yourself. I know you would not do that on LinkedIn. What I mean is that many people simply post blurry photos of themselves or photos where they are in a group, or are hard to see, or are wearing sunglasses or making some other small but potentially costly mistake.

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