Link building: How to get good and relevant links (backlinks) to your website for SEO

Link building: How to get good and relevant links (backlinks) to your website for SEO.

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In this video tutorial I explain how to get good and relevant backlinks (or simply just links) from other reputable and authoritative sites to your site. Many people hire agencies to help them with link building (or linkbuilding?), but it isn’t necessary. If you simply follow my advice in this video tutorial you will have all the good links to your website that you need for SEO, and your site should start ranking well shortly after.

In this tutorial I teach you to get high quality good backlinks in three ways. The first is through HARO. I personally got many links for SEO through HARO. The second strategy is through and lastly the third strategy is all about social media sharing. If you put a significant effort into these three strategies, you will get many good links for SEO, and you won’t need to hire any agency to do this for you. In fact you may have better SEO results than if you hired an agency to do your linkbuilding for SEO because you would not know what kinds of techniques they would be using to get links. And if you do these strategies, you will know that your link building methods are legitimate, and you have no chance of having your website penalized for building bad links.

Another strategy to get backlinks for SEO is an older one, but one that still works. It is called link begging. And it is pretty much how it sounds. You must identify relevant websites and blogs that link out, and send them emails asking to link to you or to review your product (which would include a link). The success rate of this strategy is about 3-5%, but it is a free brute force way to get links for SEO.

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