Is TikTok A Fraud? Exposing TikTok Fake Influencers And Views – See Just How Much Is Fake.

Is TikTok a fraud? Are the numbers really that inflated? Can it be that influencers with thousands of followers only have a handful of real followers?

I walk you through my own TikTok account in which I have 2,000 followers at the time of this filming and approximately every one of the last 400 followers are fake. So is TikTok a fraud? And are TikTok influencers basically scams that have hyper-inflated views and followers numbers?

In this video I show the breakdown of fake followers that I didn’t even try to get and followers I got by running ads. In the end, from the 2,000 followers I have, only a handful may be individuals interested in my music.

You can see what happens to my TikTok account over time – it is @AlexGenadinik

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