How to launch a mobile app or start-up (startup): 3 strategies!

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How to launch a mobile app or start-up (sometimes spelled startup)!
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In this tutorial I explain 3 different strategies for how you can launch your Android or iPhone app. You can launch your app quietly with beta users. You can try to have a big launch, or you can try to have a very big launch on stage at a conference or an event.

If you are wondering how to launch a mobile app (or a start-up for that matter), the three strategies I outline in this tutorial fit perfectly together. One strategy flows into another as you continue working on your app. First, you need to get some initial users. People generally call these user beta users. So you start by launching a beta user app that you open up to friends, family, and a few other people. As you improve the app based on your observations of how those people use your app, you get closer to doing a real launch. Once you get close to launch your app to the general public, you should look into getting publicity and app store search. Lastly, you should look into how to launch your app on stage at a conference. It isn’t easy to do that and only the best apps are chosen, but it is a great way to launch your app if you can manage to make it happen.

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