How to get started and involved in the Bitcoin business?

Rodrigo’s Bitcoin start-up:
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In this video Rodrigo explains how people who are interested in Bitcoin can get started with their own Bitcoin business by using his opensource system to enable Bitcoin trading and transactions. If you are an entrepreneur, and you want to get started, contact Rodrigo, and see how his company can help you get started.

Below are the rest of the videos from this interview.

Intro to BlinkTrade, a Bitcoin startup by Rodrigo Souza (part 1 or 10):

What is Bitcoin? What is cryptocurrency? Is Bitcoin money or currency?

Bitcoin security: Is Bitcoin secure?

How do people use Bitcoin? What can you buy with Bitcoin?

What is a Bitcoin exchange?

What are different ways and sites where people can trade bitcoin? How soon can they start trading?

Why is bitcoin important what can be the impact of bitcoin:

Is bitcoin the cryptocurrency of the future what other cryptocurrencies are there:

How to find what is the value of Bitcoin?

Mining Bitcoins and cryprocurrency: Is it possible to mine Bitcoin and create new Bitcoins?

Are there common Bitcoin scams? How to avoid Bitcoin scams online:

How to raise money with Bitcoin or invest in Bitcoin start-up companies

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