Google Search Update 9/4, Bing Content Submission API, Recipe Rich Results & Google Ads Search Terms

This past Saturday, September 4th, there may have been another Google search ranking update. Microsoft Bing launched the content submission API out of beta. Google may automatically remove recipe rich results for listicles and category pages. Google Ads search term report gained more queries but some will be going away in the name of privacy. Google sent an email to Google News publishers by removing the AMP requirements. Google said website quality simply can’t be fixed by just making a few technical changes. Google said don’t put too much content on your category pages. Google said don’t forget to make sure you have dedicated pages for seasonal sales events. Google said image uniqueness is not the same as high quality images. Microsoft said 20% of Bing’s search results offer direct answers. Microsoft launched its own version of Google Discover, they call it Microsoft Start. Microsoft Advertising launched its own optimization score and then a few features like disclaimers on ads, video ads and more. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – Google Search Ranking Update On Saturday – September 4th (Tools Little Chatter) :
1:38 – Bing Content Submission API Now Available To All :
3:05 – Google May Automate The Removal Of Recipe Rich Results For Listicles :
4:06 – Google Ads Search Terms Report Gains 6.5X More Query Data :
5:19 – Google Email: Simplifying Content Management In Google News :
5:56 – Google: Website Quality Can’t Be Fixed With Technical Changes :
6:29 – Google: Don’t Put Too Much Content On Category Pages :
7:10 – Google PSA: Have Dedicated Pages For Seasonal Sales Events :
7:54 – Google: Image Uniqueness Isn’t Equivalent To Higher Quality :
8:09 – Microsoft: 20% Of Bing Results Offer Direct Answers :
8:30 – Microsoft Start – The Bing Version Of Google Discover :
8:51 – Microsoft Advertising Optimization Score :
9:10 – Microsoft Advertising Search Ads Get Disclaimers, Tests Video Ads & More :
9:36 – Conclusion

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