Google Search Update 9/16, Google Search Console Bugs, Google Ads Keyword Matching & More

This weekend we had yet another Google search ranking algorithm update that went unconfirmed. Google Search Console had some major bugs and stability issues but it all caught up now. Google said do not remove old news articles from your site for SEO reasons. Google spoke more about the importance of author bylines for EAT reasons. Google has a new automobile specs view for car searches that upset the car retail industry but Google said it licenses that data. Google said self referential canonicals can help clean up small SEO mistakes. Google said it isn’t too bad to have dynamically updated related links. Google Ads updated its matching types keyword preferability and is now using BERT for ads as well. Google Ads launched new advertiser pages for transparency purposes. Google Ads had an outage this week that caused a lot of billing confusion. Microsoft Advertising has dozens of new attributes for marketing with a purpose. Firefox is testing Bing as the default search engine on its browser. SMX will stay virtual through 2022. That was this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – Possible Google Algorithm Update On September 16th & 17th :
1:19 – Google Search Console Performance Report Should Catch Up Later Today :
2:10 – Google: Don’t Remove Old News From Your News Site For SEO Reasons :
2:48 – Google On Importance Of Bylines For Trust On Articles :
3:30 – Google’s New Automobile Search Features Upset The Automobile Retail Industry :
4:12 – Google: We Licensed The Automobile Data In Search, It Does Not Come From The Web :
4:36 – Google: Self-Referential Canonicals Help Clean Up Small SEO Mistakes :
5:11 – Google: It’s Not Terrible To Have Related Links Dynamically Change All The Time :
5:46 – Google Ads Phrase & Broad Match Keyword Preferability & BERT :
7:27 – Google Ads Advertiser Pages :
7:44 – Google Adds Booking Links & More Information For Points Of Interest :
7:59 – Confirmed Google Ads Outage Causing Billing Confusion :
8:34 – Microsoft Advertising New Search Ad Attributes For Marketing With Purpose :
9:25 – Firefox Testing Bing As Default Search Engine :
9:54 – SMX To Stay Virtual Through 2022 :
10:37 – Conclusion

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