Google Ranking Update, Pages Dropping In & Out, Big Publishers Benefit & Author URLs and Rankings

This past weekend we had yet another unconfirmed update around August 6th. Google may be having an indexing bug for the past month or so where pages are dropping in and out of the index. Google may investigate cases where big brand publishers are ranking too highly for keywords when their content is really not all that great for those phrases. Google now added the ability to specify the author details in article structured data, but will it help your site and articles rank better? Google said each core update that is released can be unique and unique impact the rankings at Google. Google said it is still working on migrating sites to mobile-first indexing. Google shared insights into the data in the Search Console insights reports. Google Search Console does not filter out all bot traffic. Google structured data testing tool is now a landing page to the other tools. Google is testing affordable picks in the mobile search results. Google is now enforcing some business listings to have physical addresses. Google Local pack can now show “updated today” for inventory. Google asks if you want more custom metrics in Google Ads. Google Ads Editor 1.7 is now out and supports hotel ads, extension forms and much more. Google AdSense launched a new ad format named full-screen inline ads. Google updated its podcasting requirements to include more details on the show level in your RSS feed. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update August 6th Through The Weekend? :
1:23 – Possible Google Indexing Issues With Pages Dropping In & Out Of The Index :
2:12 – Google Investigating Cases Where Big Brand News Sites Ranking Above Small Specialized Publishers :
3:22 – Google Adds Author Markup To Article Structured Data Recommended Properties :
3:55 – Google Not Yet Worried About Faking Author Details In Structured Data :
4:54 – Each Google Core Updates Can Affect Search Rankings Differently :
5:29 – Google Still Working On Moving All Sites To Mobile First Indexing – No ETA :
5:57 – Google Shares Data Handling Details On Search Console Insights Reporting :
6:26 – Google Search Console Doesn’t Filter Out All Bot Traffic :
6:34 – Google Structured Data Testing Tool Directs You To Rich Results Test Or :
6:54 – Google Affordable Picks Carousel In Mobile Search :
7:05 – Google Enforcing Physical Addresses For Some Google My Business Listings :
7:32 – Google Local Pack Inventory Shows “Updated Today” :
7:45 – Do You Want More Custom Column Metrics In Google Ads? :
8:00 – Google Ads Editor 1.7 Gains Hotel Ads Lead, Extension Forms & More :
8:13 – New Google AdSense Full-Screen Inline Ads :
8:25 – Google Podcasting Requirements Updated: Show Level Detail Required :
8:45 – Conclusion

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