Google Passage Based Ranking Impact, Google Update, Responsive Search Ads & Google Maps Spam – I got to say, I am a bit frustrated with the release of Google passage based ranking. I rant on it for a while and clarify a lot of things around it, including how it seemed like a small update and the scroll to text misinformation. Google may have released another unconfirmed search update, this one on February 17th. Google said they may give us a way to prevent our content from showing in Google Discover. Google’s John Mueller posted a lot of detail on penalties on Reddit. Did you know you may be able to ride the Google Discover wave? Google said just stop worrying about stop words. There is this trick with Google Search Console’s URL inspection tool to get it to take a screen shot further down the page. Google Search Console changed the boundaries for the core web vitals metrics. There was a poll where the SEOs voted on if they think the page experience update will be a big one or not. Google said it can process JavaScript redirects but not all search engines can. Google is testing product swipe features in search. Google image search is testing a compass to explore more images. Bing Local replaced Yelp reviews with Facebook and Foursquare. Google My Business is auto populating some services. Google Maps did a crazy amount of spam controls in 2020. Google Ads made responsive search ads the default ad type. Google Search Central announced its first live conference this week. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Google Passage Based Ranking Causing Minimal Impact So Far :
3:00 – Google Passage Ranking & Scroll To Text/Snippet Are Unrelated :
3:37 – Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update February 17th :
3:59 – Google May Provide Method To Block Content From Google Discover :
4:16 – Google’s John Mueller On Google Search Spam Penalties & Quality Issues :
4:57 – Can You Ride The Google Discover Wave? :
5:45 – Google: Stop Worrying About Stop Words Just Write Naturally:
6:30 – Google Search Console Screenshot Hack :
7:07 – Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Boundaries Changed On February 17th :
7:34 – Poll On Impact Of Google Page Experience Update & Core Web Vitals On Rankings :
8:10 – Google Can Process JavaScript Redirects But Be Concerned About Other Search Engines :
8:30 – Google Product Search Swipe Through Results and Style Ideas :
8:47 – Google Image Search Tests Explore More Compass Icon :
9:06 – Bing Local Replaces Yelp Reviews With Facebook & Foursquare Reviews :
9:28 – Notice: Google My Business Auto Populating Services :
9:45 – Google My Business Messaging Support Added To Desktop Interface :
10:01 – Google Maps Spam Efforts Lead To Removal Of 55M Reviews & 3M Business Profiles :
11:00 – Google Ads Responsive Search Ads The New Default Ad Type :
11:28 – Google Search Central Live Conference Is Next Week :
12:20 – Conclusion

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