Google November Spam Update Done, Google Tests IndexNow, Googlebot IP Addresses and More

Google finished the rollout for the November spam update after 8 days. That Google November spam update seems to be big, at least, it has some legs. Some suggest that this update also target cloaked spam content with injected links. Google said do expect more algorithm updates, more core updates, more spam update and more of all the good updates. Google said it may begin testing the IndexNow protocol for sustainability efforts. Google has confirmed that the desktop page experience update will also look at intrusive interstitials. Google said there is no need for separate guidelines or requirements for interstitials that are for legal or consent reasons. Also John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Split spoke about the future of SEO on a recent podcast. Google listed out all of the IP addresses Googlebot uses. Google sitelinks can now do scroll-to-text and highlight. Google said again one day machine learning developed content won’t be against its guidelines. Google Ads accounts can be suspended over Google webmaster guideline violations. Google said embedding videos on your pages can slow your site down but if you use other methods, Google may not notice there is a video there to index. Google said you should not create links to your site, well, kind of. Google Ads Editor version 1.8 is now available. Google’s keyword planner tool added year over year data. Bing Shopping added departments, stores, editors picks, deals, pricing trends and Amazon integration. Google local has updated its inventory design, ship to store and a new offline sales feed for Google Ads Google lost EU antitrust deal and won UK over iOS tracking. We mourn the loss of John Carcutt.


0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – Contest Winner
2:00 – Google November Spam Update Rollout Completed After 8 Days :
2:31 – The Google November Spam Update May Have Legs :
2:50 – Google November Spam Update Target Cloaked Spam Content With Injected Links? :
3:38 – Google: We Will Have More Algorithm Updates, Core Updates, Spam Updates & Other Updates :
4:14 – Google May Use IndexNow Protocol For Instant Indexing :
5:57 – Google Confirms Intrusive Interstitials Ding Will Apply To Desktop Sites :
6:22 – Google On The Future Of SEO :
6:47 – Google: No Need For Legal Interstitials / Banners Requirements Guidelines :
7:07 – Googlebot’s IP Addresses In JSON File Officially From Google :
7:41 – Google Search Scroll To Text For Sitelinks :
7:54 – Google: Machine Written Content May Be Okay For Ranking Soon One Day :
8:33 – PSA: Google Ads Account Suspensions Over Violating Webmaster Guidelines :
8:47 – Google On Embedding Videos On Your Pages: Speed Vs Video Ranking :
9:26 – Google: You Shouldn’t Be Creating Links To Your Site :
9:57 – Google Ads Editor 1.8 Is Now Available :
10:09 – Google Keyword Planner Tool New YoY Change Column :
10:24 – Bing Shopping Adds Departments, Stores, Editors Picks, Deals, Pricing Trends & Amazon Integration :
10:45 – Google Local Inventory Design, Ship To Store & Offline Sales Feed Ads :
11:00 – Google Search No Results Found Fishing Game :
11:14 – Google Loses Antitrust Shopping Search $2.8B Fine But Wins iOS Tracking UK Case $4B Fine :
11:51 – The Industry Mourns The Loss Of John Carcutt – Legendary SEO :
12:28 – Conclusion

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