Google November Core Update, Google Ads CPC Bug, SiteGround’s Googlebot Issue & Snowden on Google

Google launched a broad core update days before the big online holiday shopping season – the Google November 2021 core update is live and rolling out. SiteGround, a hosting platform that powers 2 million domains, had DNS issue for about a week causing issues with Googlebot crawling sites it hosts – that is fixed. Google Shopping Ads had a bug where CPC prices spiked over last weekend. Google said it is promoting local news and local publishers more in search. Microsoft Bing released its list of IP addresses that BingBot crawls with. I love how Microsoft Bing emails site owners about their sites no longer being blacklisted. Google published help docs on how Google can translate the search result snippets and how to make sure your ads load when someone gets translated results on your web pages. Google also updated its logo structured data help docs to say your logos must look good on white backgrounds. Google said bolding text can be a signal for SEO and SEOs went nuts. Google published an interactive SEO checklist which is fun. Google revamped the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Google Search Console has a confirmed bug with user and permissions and also there are complaints about performance report delays. Google search has a “found in video” carousel. Google is testing a Google Lens button in the searcher. Google Maps added more pickup with Google, restaurant price ranges, more indoor mapping and more. Google Ads customer match s now available to more advertisers with a new preview tool. Google Ads added new features to the Insights tab including demand forecasts, consumer interest insights, audience insights, and more. Edward Snowden is not a fan of Google Search, to say the least.


0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – Google November 2021 Core Update Rolling Out Later Today :
3:45 – Google November 2021 Core Update Is Live – What We Are Seeing Now :
4:50 – SiteGround Sites Begin To Return To Google Search After Crawling Bug :
5:41 – Google Shopping Ads Bug Causes CPCs To Skyrocket :
6:230 – Google Says It Is Promoting More Local News In Search Results :
7:20 – BingBot’s IP Addresses In JSON File Officially From Microsoft Bing :
7:46 – Microsoft Email Tells Site Owner Site No Longer Blocked In Bing Search :
8:10 – New Google Help Docs On Translated Search Results & Ad Networks With Google Translate :
9:04 – Google Logo Structured Data New White Background Requirements :
9:22 – Google Confirms Again, Bolding Words Does Help With SEO :
9:54 – The Google Interactive SEO Checklist For Business Owners/Marketers, Developers Or SEO :
10:29 – Revamped Google PageSpeed Insights Is Live :
10:40 – Google Search Console User Permissions Bug & Some Performance Report Delays :
11:13 – Google Search “Found In Video” Carousel Results :
11:26 – Google Tests Lens Button In Search Bar On Mobile Search :
11:36 – Google Maps Adds Pickup At Kroger, Restaurant Price Ranges, More Indoor Navigation & More :
11:52 – Google Ads Customer Match Available To More With New Preview Tool :
12:18 – Google Ads Insights Report Gains Demand Forecasts, Consumer Interest, Audience Insights & More :
12:27 – Google Merchant Center Now Allows Medical Test Kits :
12:39 – Bing Shopping Tab Animated Snowman :
12:46 – Edward Snowden: Google Search Is Totally Unusable :
13:16 – Conclusion

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