Fundraising book: learn how to get money for your business. Over 10 fundraising ideas and strategies

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I wrote this fundraising book to help entrepreneurs understand all their options for raising money. Almost all entrepreneurs, at some point of their entrepreneurial journey, ask about how to raise money. Getting money for business is never easy, but with the ideas in this fundraising book, you can be armed with a wide range of fundraising strategies to raise money for your business or nonprofit.

The fundraising ideas in the book range from getting loans to grants to investments to working part-time to collect the money you need, and much more. Plus, this fundraising book explains how to determine how much money you need to get started and break even in your business so that your company can be financially self-sustaining.

If you are starting a business, and you need a few good books, I recommend that you read this book so that you know how to fund your book and make your business financially self-sustaining.

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