Full ASO (App Store Optimization) With Google Keyword Tool, MobileAction.co, AppRadar & Copywriting

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This tutorial is a very complete ASO (App Store Optimization) example using three different keyword tools and using that keyword research to write the best possible app titles and descriptions for Google Play Android Store and the Apple App Store.

This example is taken from a real student case study from one of the students in my app marketing course. The app is a dating and relationship app which helps couples boost the romance in their relationship by letting them send nice messages to each other and let each other know when they appreciate something that their partner did.

I’ll first show you how I did the keyword research for ASO of this app by using the Google Keyword Tool. After that, I’ll show you how I supplemented that with the AppRadar app keyword tool and after that, I’ll show you how I used the MobileAction.co app keyword research tool to find the best keywords to rank in Android’s Google Play and Apple App Store search.

After that, I’ll show you how to write the app title and description for your apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and also how to use remaning keywords and long-tail combinations to ran for them too.

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