Food Science for the Indian Kitchen #FoodScience

Indian cooking tends to be considered an exotic art, rich in tradition and culture while Western food is supposed to be scientific and bland. This unfortunate “orientalisation” has resulted in a tendency to keep science at an arm’s length from the kitchen. It has also given rise to a ton of pseudo-scientific misconceptions about modern cooking methods and a distinct preference for freshly cooked food prepared from scratch that involves a ton of manual labour (usually by women).
As is the case with Indian classical music, there is also a relative lack of accurate archival or documentation about cooking techniques and ingredients, thus leaving the average home cook at the mercy of what I call the “tyranny of the authentic recipe”.

In this talk, speaker Krish Ashok, will focus on some of the more egregious misconceptions that are common in Indian kitchens and address them through the lens of food science.

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