Federated Identity: An intro to OAuth2, Open Id Connect & Duende IdentityServer 5 | Anthony Nguyen

Securing your application is bloody important. With so much jargon to sift through, it’s easy to get lost, for example there’s SSO, OAuth2, SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, Federated Identity, 2FA, & MFA. Just to name a few! 😱

In this talk, Anthony will take an in depth look at Federated Identity using OpenID Connect and OAuth2 Framework for ASP. NET Core using Duende IdentityServer (aka IdentityServer 5). You will walk away knowing how to navigate the security options and avoid the madness.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Federated Identity
43:10 Demonstration

Demo source code: https://github.com/nvhoanganh/usergroups-openid-connect-with-duende-identity-server

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Anthony Nguyen → https://www.ssw.com.au/people/anthony-nguyen

Anthony is the Solution Architect at SSW, a certified Scrum Master with experience delivering various types of Software Development projects ranging from custom ERP, CRM, HR and Payroll, Utilities (Telecom) and recording systems, CMS, Product Transformation and Cloud Transformation.


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